Non-Profit Animal Rescue

The Home Stretch Dog Haven


The mission of the Home Stretch Dog Haven is to end all trauma, abuse, and neglect of dogs and cats through:

  •   rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption;
  •   education; and
  •   feral cat trap, spay/neuter, vaccinate, and release programs.


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We fully assess dogs who have experienced trauma, neglect, and/or abuse and then rehabilitate them in a home setting. They are provided twice daily outdoor experiences where we hike as a pack, regardless of the weather, allowing them to burn energy and rediscover what it means to be a dog. We also focus on nutritious meals and an enriching home environment utilizing music, essential oils, and planned chewing opportunities to nurture their sense of well-being. We then match each dog and its unique needs with a perfect home, using a well-planned introduction process. This minimizes the stress of transition and ensures the process is successful; thus, dogs do not find their way back to homelessness again in their lifetime!

our tnr cat program is now “the cat program at the old barn”

After several individuals expressed concern to us for the plight of the many colonies of feral cats and kittens throughout the Village of Moravia, the Home Stretch expanded in 2019 to include a trap, spay/neuter, vaccinate, and release program for feral cats. With the dedicated leadership of Patty Reynolds, direct action was taken with the Spaulding, Myers, Grove and Cayuga Streets, West Cayuga and Central Streets, and other colonies. The program outgrew the Home Stretch facilities and in 2020 was transferred to Patty Homer Reynolds and Nichole Davis Ritchie, who are dedicated to saving, caring for, releasing, and/or rehoming area cats and kittens. Kudos to them for their success and hard work.


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