December 2020

Dear Friends of The Home Stretch Dog Haven,

As with many non-profit organizations, our ability to hold fundraising events came to a halt this year; however, the number of dogs that required our care increased, placing a greater demand on our resources. Our community really stepped up, demonstrated by increased donations of cans/bottles, money, and supplies, all of which helped meet the demand. We are humbled, appreciative, and so very grateful.

In ongoing efforts to support our community, we established a petfood bank with donations from County Max and others. Individuals can reach out privately if they need help feeding their dogs or cats.  We have also shared petfood with our local community food pantry and the Loc-Mor Thrift Store. We were fortunate to have continued access to our local low-cost spay/neuter clinic throughout this challenging year, which we have utilized and to whom we have made many referrals. We provide our community with ongoing support by fielding phone calls about dogs in crisis situations: lost dogs, dogs hit by cars, dogs left outdoors in the elements, and those with major behavioral problems.

One of the many highlights of our year was rescuing Franklin, a 150-pound, 2-year-old Landseer Newfoundland. He was originally purchased from Amish breeders by a goodhearted man who did not choose the right dog for his lifestyle, and who turned to us for help. As adorable and sweet as he was, Franklin had no manners. He would come bounding up to greet you, but as you can imagine, he was intimidating. We assessed his needs but spent the majority of his time with us screening dozens of candidates to carefully place him in the perfect home. Franklin has a passion for water. Thanks to our supporters, we have developed a large network, through which we were able to find a home for him on the ocean in Maryland with a dad who immediately put him into a training program. We just received word that he has passed a Basic Manners dog training course. Way to go, Franklin!

We are very pleased to have added a partner who shares our passion for rescue. She has been invaluable to us by transporting dogs, facilitating on-premise meet and greets, and taking into her home some of our more challenging behavioral cases.

Lastly, we are very excited that our feral cat program has grown and become self-sustaining. It has relocated to the “Oldest House in Moravia.” They are doing amazing work to care for our local feral cat population and were successful in soliciting support from the Village, no small feat. Congratulations to The Cat Program!

From our Haven to your home, Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2021!