About Us

The Home Stretch Dog Haven is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that began when we realized the extent to which dogs are truly creatures of  sentiment and the degree to which they suffer when they are homeless or being abused, neglected and traumatized.  Our focus is to provide  full rehabilitation services to dogs in a home environment, raise awareness about their unique situation in effort to find them their own perfect home which has been paired with them as individuals.

What makes us different from other rescues is that the dogs we take in are not only shelter animals or strays. They are unique dogs with specifics needs and we provide support and care  based on their needs and reactions to their situations.

Asian meat dogs are believed to be different than pet dogs and this justifies the horrific treatment they receive..to butcher  humanely is one thing, However those who eat dog meat believe the more the dog is tortured the better and more healthy meat meat is thus, they are beaten, burned, hung while still alive as part of the process of “making meat more healthy”.

About the Founder

Our Founder, Gretchen Wade, has a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.  She has worked as a therapist, advocating for families and children with special needs and has carried over her passion to help those who have been made to endure trauma and abuse into her love for dogs and undying passion for dogs!

“How is it that we as a humanity have not evolved to the point that there is no need for dogs to be rescued from abuse?”



Six dogs on bed